Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Wear...on Tuesday

I have been on a silk/sheer button down craze lately.  I just can't turn one down...and Lord help me if it's patterned.  For this reason, TJMaxx needs to stay off my radar because they tend to have a plethora for on average, oh, $12.  It's a problem.

HOWEVER, a couple of weeks ago, I got one of my daily JCrew notifications that their tops were 40% off.  With the weather all of a sudden warming up, I had to take a peek.  While I found a few things I loved that actually suited summer weather (a sequined tank, a lace tank and another tissue tee), I also came upon a sweatshirt tee that stole my heart.  It whispered, "Buy me.  I'm perfect for cool nights on the beach." Little did I know, I would later feel the need to order it in every color.  I haven't....yet.

Here's the top I've been living in...

Looks so simple, right?  Well, I can tell you from experience, you need this top.  It's perfect for layering over a chambray button down.  Pair it with some cazsh (that's "casual" for all of my mama readers;) ) rolled boyfriend jeans or some summer cut-offs and you have a very cute weekend ensemble.  And it is COZY, COZY, COZY!!!  Today, I wore it with my JCrew Matchstick jeans in Starlight wash (look here), a neon pink plaid tissue scarf from JCrew Factory (got it last season), and layered bracelets with my Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold watch (see here).  Next time, I'll pair it with my leopard print maxi skirt, a top knot and some fuschia lipstick.  Today, I topped it with some rose gold aviators and some loose waves and was feelin' pretty great as I shopped for the perfect fabric for the kitchen window treatments I'm making.  Stay tuned for pics of how that project goes!  Fingers crossed :)

Here's a pic of the fabric I picked up today!! I'm obvi on a chartreuse kick...but, who isn't?

Waverly via Jo-ann's