Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maternity Style: Second Trimester

We're finally through the first trimester!! Our houses are finally returning to normal and, though we still may need a daily nap, our overall energy is finally coming back...just in time for our bumps to arrive!  Bump arrival means maternity shopping!  This shopping trip should pretty much get you through to delivery.  I'm starting to get a bump, so I just went over the weekend (the end of my 14th week).  And, I pretty much have worn my maternity leggings every day while at home.  They're SO comfortable and much cuter than yoga pants or work out shorts!!

I've put together some essentials (most of which I actually purchased for myself) for looking fab throughout the rest of your pregnancy, but here are a few items you should already have in your wardrobe to complete the mix...

Items from your current wardrobe to use throughout maternity...
-a light jacket for layering (denim, leather or utility)
-button downs to layer without buttoning
-long cardigans, kimonos or ponchos for layering
-maxi dresses from trimester 1
-flats and wedges from trimester 1
-a few loose tops/dresses from trimester 1 that should take you through trimester 2

During this trimester, your goal is to LAYER.  You do this by buying maternity basics and non-maternity layering pieces.  I hate spending money on stuff that isn't worth it or won't last me, so anything that can be worn after pregnancy makes me feel great!!

Maternity Tanks: These, along with your leggings and jeans, are going to be the basis of most of your outfits.  I got 2 from Pea in the Pod on sale in a light grey and taupe.  I'd suggest getting at least 2, if not 4.  I may have to go back for a couple more.  Keep your eye on sales!  You want these to be a good, quality tank, made of a great material that feels soft and put together.  You'll pretty much be living in these, so make sure they're up for daily wear.

Non-Maternity Cardigans:  I went to H&M for these.  I have a couple of cardigans already in my closet that I'll wear, but I especially wanted a patterned one.  This one was only $12!  These are the pieces I feel great about since I'll be able to wear them after delivery as well!

Plain White Tee:  Normally, I wouldn't say that this is a necessity, but I found this one at Old Navy and was impressed that it actually has a cute flyaway cut that makes it accessible for nursing.  That little detail made it worth it to me.  It'll work well with the maxi skirt and vest or jeans, booties and a bold lip.

Maternity Denim:  I went with a lighter wash since the black leggings will be a substitute for dark denim.  Let's be real.  Maternity jeans are expensive.  It's unreasonable to buy a pair in every wash.  I may end up caving and buying a pair of dark wash skinnies, but a light wash feels very current and will be perfect for a lot of the other pieces I've added to my maternity wardrobe.

Booties:  I wanted these for fall anyway and they're a comfortable option that'll give me a little bit of height to balance out the impending roundness!  Again, YAY for something that will last beyond pregnancy!!! assuming my shoe size doesn't balloon again like it did with Jacob....crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer...

Chambray Top: This is one of the few items on the board that I didn't purchase, though I almost did.  Instead, I'm opting to use the chambray button downs I already own to layer with.  If you don't own a chambray (pregnant or not!), you must go buy one now.  No, seriously.  Right this second.  It will change your wardrobe forever as the easiest piece ever to work with.

A Comfy Sweater:  You'll need something super comfortable for lazy days that still looks cute.  I plan on throwing this over almost everything when it gets a little chilly around the house.  This could also be substituted for a more structured sweatshirt.

Maternity Baseball Tee:  This is such an easy way to look chic and casually cool at the same time.  It's going to look great with my jeans, booties and vest.

Maternity Leggings:  These, along with your tanks, are the building blocks of your wardrobe.   I got these buy 1 get one 1/2 off from Motherhood maternity.  I had had a pair of olive skinnies in my online old navy cart, but when I saw these at Motherhood, I opted to get olive leggings instead to save a little bit.  They're made of a great, thick material for only being $21 a pop!  And, the part that extends over your belly is soft and not restricting at all!  That was the worst during my first pregnancy- when the belly panel had a thick band of elastic at the top that cut off your circulation.  These leggings are quality and super comfortable.  It should also be noted that the olive leggings pictured are a little less olive than they are in real life.  

A Cute Vest:  I just purchased this right after I found out I was pregnant.  I had it in my cart at Target, put it back, checked out, and came back a week later to purchase it.  It is adorable and makes any outfit look put together!  I wear it unzipped and it can be paired with virtually any of the pieces I've purchased.  In my first trimester, I paired it with denim cuffed shorts, a black and white striped boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee and leather sandals.  It can also be paired with a basic black maxi dress.  This will be one of my wardrobe staples for a long time.

Maternity Graphic Tee:  Nobody wants to feel like an old lady while pregnant.  This feels young and fresh and will be perfect for my olive leggings and tribal print cardigan.  It's also great with that maxi and a leather jacket.  Or, dress it up with black leggings, a blazer and heels.

Maternity Maxi Skirt:  This is just an easy piece for when you don't feel like wearing pants.  If this is your first pregnancy, trust me when I say that will happen.

It should also be noted that if you're not a stay home mom like me, you'll want to replace some of the more casual pieces with a jersey pencil skirt, a work appropriate printed pant, a maternity trouser and a few pretty tops.

Are there any pieces that you think are essential for your second trimester?  Discuss in the comments!  

Happy Person Growing, ladies!!! <3

Monday, July 29, 2013

Maternity Style: First Trimester

I admittedly had no idea how to dress for pregnancy when I was expecting Jacob.  We were broke, and up until that point, I had lived my life in yoga pants and sorority tees.  I also had a nice collection of inappropriate  trendy going out dresses.  So, with limited funds and a lot on my mind,  I often looked pretty sloppy and not representative of my current style.  I was so sick almost the entire pregnancy, so putting effort into my look was just exhausting.

I swore that when we got pregnant again, this would not be the case.  I would take care of myself.  I would get mani/pedis.  I would keep the yoga pants for lounging around the house.  And, even if I was lounging, I wouldn't wear my husband's t-shirts with those yoga pants.  I would do my hair and put makeup on, utilize the power of awesome jewelry during pregnancy and rock the ethereal look that gives a pregnant woman an even more angelic glow.  I'd get over feeling horrible and power through to look awesome.  Because putting effort into looking awesome makes you feel awesome...right?!?!

Kind of.

With one trimester down, I've probably curled my hair three times in three months.  And, frankly, I've been too busy trying every mask and acne treatment to actually do a proper eye makeup application.  Seriously.  How did this happen?  My skin was perfect when I was expecting Jacob!  And my hair was the fullest it had ever been.  Now, my skin's out of control and I never have the energy to even fully dry my hair, much less style it.

I feel that this is expected in the first trimester.  Give yourself a break (I'm obviously speaking to myself).  It's exhausting growing, ya know, another human being.  Make sure you wear cute clothes and rock the natural, dewy look with a great primer, concealer, highlighter and blush.  I can tell you that, now in my second trimester, I'm already feeling better and have gotten gussied up several times since I entered week 13 two weeks ago (15 weeks today, heyyy!).  And for those days you're not feeling up to an expansive beauty routine, grab a statement lipstick- INSTAPOW.

So, here's my recipe for first trimester style.  I think I probably spent about $100 on this trimester by using pieces that I already had in my wardrobe and getting a few extra things on sale at Old Navy and Target.  Remember, these are the pieces you'll probably be able to wear postpartum as well, so don't feel bad about buying a couple of things even though you won't be into maternity wear for another three months or so.  Trust me, you're going to feel bloated and gross.  You'll need loose, flowy and EASY pieces for when you can barely keep down your breakfast, much less put thought into putting an outfit together.  But, since you are spending money, try to make sure that these are pieces that will be able to work into your second and maybe even third trimesters.  You're looking for non-maternity clothes that can be worn as maternity.  That's what makes it worth the investment.

Here are my First Trimester must haves...

1) Shift Dress Silhouette:  I have this dress that I picked up from Old Navy for like $12 when I first found out I was pregnant.  I got in in a medium (instead of my usual small) to make sure I could wear it through my second trimester in the fall with leggings and an open front cardi.  I've worn it so many times the past three months!! Probably too many!!  The length is great since it doesn't make you feel frumpy.  And, it looks great with some wedges and pretty jewelry.  An easy topknot or loose, barely dry waves pair well with it's cazsh style.  A bold coral lip also goes great with this number!  You can also pair it with a belt when you've finally grown that little, much anticipated bump!!

2) Pretty Flats:  Save the heels for the second trimester when you're feeling better.  If you don't already have a pair, invest in some pretty, comfortable, and neutral, but stylish flats.  I suggest wearing either above the knee or maxi lengths throughout pregnancy, so flats are perfect for those shorter lengths.  

3) Maxi Dresses:  I have this dress from Target and love it!  It's not maternity, but will definitely grow with me to term.  The fabric is so soft and it's so easy to throw on.  Again, loose waves and natural makeup look great with this dress.  Layer some long necklaces and throw on some wedges to make you look long and lean.

4) A Natural Wedge:  With all the boho looks you'll be rocking and nausea you'll be suffering, keep steady with some easy wedges.  I spent $15 at TJMaxx for mine.  I had wedges, but wanted a pair with a more reasonable heel height and an organic, go with everything vibe.  And, I'll be wearing these long after pregnancy.

5) An Amped Up Skin Care Routine: This peel was only $3.99 from CVS and I love it.  I also did a honey & cinnamon mask to combat my sudden surge of blemishes.  I haven't done a mask for the past two weeks and I'm definitely broken out again.  I hear break outs are a sign of being pregnant with a little lady!!!! We'll see! :)

6) Tunic Tops: I already had one similar to this from JCrew.  It's perfect to wear as a dress (with those flats) during the summer and with leggings/boots/scarf during the fall and winter months.  

7) Peasant Blouses: I purchased one of a more gauzy material from Old Navy on sale.  It has looked great with denim shorts and is easy to sport with those loose waves and natural makeup that you'll resort to just about every day.

8) Hair Bands:  I was able to not purchase any maternity bottoms through my first trimester by using the rubber band trick.  Simply wrap the band around the button, pull it through the loop, back around and back over the button.  It's still working, but I'm sure will stop shortly!  I have maternity leggings and jeans on standby for fall.  I WILL get through the summer without buying maternity shorts!!!!

9) Long Tanks:  Odds are, you already have these in your wardrobe.  I have several of these JCrew tanks in mine and I'm obsessed.  You'll need these to cover your hair band, non maternity jean genius.

Good luck, ladies, and HAPPY PERSON GROWING!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thoughts on Scheduling for a Toddler

When I found out I was expecting Jacob, I had no idea how much scheduling these little guys need.  I had a great childhood and grew up very spoiled well cared for, but I never really had a set nap time or bed time.  I pretty much followed my grandparents around throughout the day.  I was never the kid to want to go outside and play.  I was a nerd liked to read, hang out with the adults, pretend like I was a grown up and watch Little Women on pretty much a daily basis.  So, the idea of being a kid, playing around and doing messy things, all on a schedule, was completely foreign to me.  After about 6 months of Jacob not sleeping, I figured out that I needed to come up with a better way of scheduling his day so he knew what to expect and I wasn't pulling my hair out.  Though it was tough, I ended up following the Baby Wise method and it worked like a CHARM.  People still can't believe how easily Jacob goes to bed.

But, then he got older and it became a little more complicated.  I didn't just have to schedule nap time and feedings anymore.  I had to figure out how he was going to be entertained all day.  This is where my lack of play knowledge has really become an obstacle.  I'm not good at playing superheroes or going outside to play soccer.  I get bored out of my mind, and I'm terrified of the snakes in our yard.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE watching Jacob play.  It's probably my favorite thing to do.  It warms my heart and makes me so thankful when I see him laugh, run around, act a little crazy and get all dirty in the mud.  But, I prefer the role of loving onlooker when it comes to these particular activities.  So, admittedly, I have tried to find things that we both enjoy to do during the day.  Superheroes are daddy's thing, though I do make a great damsel in distress (you really just have to sit there and say, "Save me, save me." I can handle that.).  But, when it's mommy's turn to play with Jacob, we do things like color, make crafts, read books, play music and bake cookies.  This list includes fun things for both mommies and kiddos!

Also, if you say that you can sit outside in the heat, running cars through the mud, making all the sound effects and rolling in the grass for more than fifteen minutes, I applaud you and question your sincerity all at the same time.

I'm probably sounding like a horrible mother...

Anyway, ONWARD...

I have been staying home with Jacob now for the past week.  It has been THE BEST (and has been the reason for my lack of posting this week)!!  It has honestly made me question why I didn't do it sooner.  The other night during dinner time prayer, Jacob said, "And, thank you, God, for my week with my mommy."  As much as I loved planning weddings, absolutely nothing beats that.  It has been so much fun, but also a time management challenge!  With all of the time during the day, I have been trying to figure out a loose schedule for us to follow.  This week, we had soccer camp in the morning, so our schedule looked something like this...

7:30: Wake up, make breakfast (usually waffles, cereal or fruit), get a few minutes of cuddle time with Jacob/catch up time with Pete, shower while Jacob finishes eating with his dad
8:00: Set out Jacob's clothes for him to get changed while I finish getting ready; Pete leaves for work
8:30: Snack making for soccer camp
8:45: Leave for Soccer Camp
9-10: Soccer Camp
10: Playground or errands
11:15 Snack/Free Independent Play Time (usually tv while playing); This is usually the time I drink a cup of half caff coffee, check my email, surf the web, clean up the dishes, start a load of laundry etc.
12: Lunch
1-3: Nap Time; I lay down and take it easy during this time unless I'm feeling especially energetic.  I'm exhausted by this point, hopefully mostly because I'm pregnant!!
3-4:30: Snack Time/Play Time with Mommy;  I try to keep the TV off at this point.  I may let him watch a short show while he wakes up and I switch another load of laundry over or so.  But, this is the time we usually go to his room to play, color together or go on a walk.
4:30: Independent Play while Mommy starts to get things prepped for dinner/does a deep cleaning project (i.e. yesterday, I cleaned the bathrooms; today, I'm going to clean the microwave and wipe down the fridge)
5:30: Another Snack, help Mommy with a couple of chores; I've been trying to incorporate him in doing a couple of things around the house!  I usually have him clean up toys while I start dinner at this point
6:30: Pete comes home/dinner
7:20: "Cuddle Time"  Jacob literally can't go to bed without a few minutes on the couch with me "cuddling".  He literally says, "Mommy, come cuddle with me," or "Mommy, come get cozy with me." It's PRECIOUS and will be one of my most treasured memories with Jacob.  Thinking of these times in ten years will most definitely make me cry.
7:45: Bath Time/Potty Time/Brush Teeth/Optional Story Time/Prayer Time/No Monsters Closet Check/Wiggles Song Time/"What are you gonna think about?" game/BED TIME (literally in this exact order.  The order cannot be messed with.)
10:30/11: Bed Time for Mommy & Daddy!!

I'll be interested to see how our schedule changes next week without soccer camp.  I'll probably switch up my cleaning from the afternoon to the morning and errands/activities to the afternoon after naptime since that's when I feel the most up for being out and about.  It's my goal to have one special activity for him a day, whether it's getting stuff out to paint, going to the park or the library, or going to an afternoon movie.  And, while meals and napping are pretty consistent, I think it's important to be flexible with the rest of your day.  I think too strict of a schedule can confine kids and can work against you when there are special occasions where the schedule has to be totally tossed for a period of time.  Just remember that they have thirteen years of being on a strict schedule at school to look forward to.  As long as an outline of a schedule is there and gives them the consistency they need, let them play and  enjoy the four short years of being school-less. Whatever your schedule, pick what works for you and your munchkin.  If you're so not a morning person (like me) and your kiddo needs some morning cartoons to get going, focus your activities in the afternoon.  If you'd rather get your housework done during naptime because you have a ton of errands to run in the afternoon, do that and then take it easy in the morning.  I think it's important to keep your kids engaged, but it's also important to take measures to keep yourself sane.  Being a parent is a tough job.  So, take a day every now and then and skip housework to watch movies and stay in your pjs all day.  No matter what, as long as you're with your little one and making memories that will help them become well rounded adults,
you're doing your job.

^^^ Chalking the driveway with Jacob this week.

^^^ My obviously well rounded child after a morning at soccer camp...athletic, funny and energetic to boot.

^^^ My 14 week baby bump!!!

Have a great weekend, lovelies!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's the Weekend, Baby!!!

Just about every morning Jacob wakes up and screams from his bedroom, "Mommy, Daddy, is it the weekend?".  Unfortunately, five days out of seven we have to tell him, "No, sweetie, it's time for school."  And, the seventh day doesn't even count because after we tell him it's Sunday, he goes, "So, the weekend's almost ooverrr?".  I'm concerned about his future real school going days...we may have a problem if he's three and already looking forward to the weekend this much.  Really though, I think he just loves being with both Pete and I on the weekends.  He's such a cuddle bug and really does love hanging out with us.  I hope that doesn't change!

As you know from this post, I love coming up with different things for us to do that we'll ALL enjoy!  So, here are a few things you may want to try out this weekend at home or around the Baltimore area...


Make this gorgeous SUNCATCHER and choose someone to gift it to as a random act of kindness!

Take a morning trip to Barnes & Noble to grab some Starbucks and make your way through THIS LIST of classic children's books.

Take advantage of the heat and make some SOLAR S'MORES!

Marvel at the genius that THIS is. *HINT: It will change long car rides forever.

Become an ice excavator and beat the heat with this fun activity. *Gotta start Friday night!

Make this easy peasy, cute and breezy cereal necklace.

Go on a date with your husband.  That's what I'm gonna do!!! 


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!! And as my grandmother called to remind me yesterday, stay hydrated in this heat!!!! :)

| Photo Credit: Pinterest |

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shop Style: Furbish Studio

Every now and then, I'll share a few picks from my favorite online retailers.  I found Furshishstudio.com a couple of years ago while looking for some photo shoot color inspiration on Pinterest.  I ended up purchasing the earrings that I pinned for the shoot and they've become one of my favorites!  Even better, they were incredibly priced at somewhere around $17 (unfortunately, they're no longer available).

Featuring changing pop up shops, excellently curated home decor pieces and a selection of gifts that any modern gal would be thrilled to receive, Furbish Studio is a fresh online resource for the usual Anthro or West Elm frequent shopper...and at really amazing price points.

Check out a few items on my current Furbishstudio.com wish list!!
 1 |  2 | 3 |  4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Neon pink tea towels, champagne flute stud earrings, a tortoise hurricane and a decorative sea urchin- it's the little things in the home that make it just that!  
Ok, so maybe the studs aren't for the home...But, aren't they just too adorable not to have!? So cute.

And for more items I'm currently craving, check out my "Shop Love" board on Pinterest!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery Style

After yesterday's baby girl designs, it's time to review a few (yes, a few) baby boy nursery designs!  I had a tough time with these because I basically have a style personality disorder.  One day I want to dress like a hipster, the next a bohemian, and the next a stepford wife.  Of course, this reflects in my interiors taste.

So, today, I have THREE designs instead of two options.  I just couldn't decide.  I think I have an idea of the direction I'm going to go, whether it be a boy or girl...and it involves mixing a couple of styles.

Here were my husband's reactions to each of the below boards....
modern: | TOO FEMININE (??????????) | Yet, he did like the crib.  He was like, "why do we need a plastic chair?"  And I was like, "It's a baby GHOST CHAIR."
natural: | SEEMS DANGEROUS |  I mean, I guess I could see how he would think this, but in actual execution, I think it would be masculinely sophisticated.
whimsical: | TOO PLAIN | He hated the cowhide rug, but it was his idea to incorporate a newspaper print, which I LOVE.

So while you're sharing your opinion, any tips on how to convince husbands on design plans would also be appreciated! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby Girl Nursery Style

I am a very impatient person.  People have been telling me to be patient my entire life.  I wanted to be 10 when I was 5.  I wanted to be 16 when I was 12.  I wanted to have an adult life when I was 19.  Now, I want to plan for retirement.  It's horrible...definitely not my best quality.  BUT, it has helped me develop my critical thinking skills that have made me an excellent planner.  Since we don't get to find out the sex of the baby for another five weeks, I've been planning for both!  Some would say this is a waste of time; I say it's prudent.

When I first started thinking of having a girl, I was sold on having a very traditional nursery with gold gilded surfaces, natural textures and romantic floral patterns.  But, lately I've really been thinking about the type of girl I want to raise- a fiercely independent thinker who finds her confidence in her intelligence and creativity, not her outer beauty or attention.  So, I started considering a fun, creative oasis that's stimulating and eclectic (because who wants a one dimensional personality?), yet feminine and encouraging.

To help me make this decision, I decided to create two design boards and ask for your help!!  I'll be making two more for baby boy options, but for now, weigh in on my baby girl's little space in our home!

Traditional: Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4 | Wallpaper pattern 1 | Crib

So, what do you think?!  Any thoughts?  I love the traditional look; maybe I'm over thinking the design/personality correlation.  But, I also really love the youthful, fun vibe of the whimsical design.  It's a little less cookie cutter and would be fun to put together.  But, would I get tired of all the color?  Would it be overstimulating for such little eyes?  I can't wait to hear your opinions!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Little Luxuries

As I've gotten older, I've developed an appreciation for the little luxuries in life- the two minutes of the day it takes to put on a bit of hand cream, the thirty minutes of quiet with a cup of coffee, the feeling of lounging in a silky robe on a Saturday morning, slipping on something pretty before bed rather than a tee and fat pants.  It's the few moments of time you spend pampering that keeps you feeling fresh, even as the dishes in the sink pile up and your inbox is flooding with client emails.  Just give me some perfume and a cashmere throw- makes the stress of life seem a lot less daunting!

Here are a few of my favorites...

A Recipe for Mommy Sanity/Feeling of Humanness:

To me, next to hearing Jacob's little foot steps and my husband making me laugh, the fresh feeling of a clean and moisturized face, the feeling of glam I get from some pretty intimates and pulling out a soft throw to cozy up in while I write in a well designed journal keeps me going into the reality of laundry and dusting!!  Ya do what ya gotta do, ladies.  Treat yourself.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

There's So Much Room for Activities!!

Within the next few weeks, I'm going to be staying home with Jacob full time.  I am SO excited about being able to spend these last several months with just him and I before the new baby comes.  I've been trying to come up with an idea of what our schedule is going to be like, the things we're going to do and the places we'll go.  I definitely don't want to fall into a "Let's just play in the house and watch TV" rutt.  So, here are the things I've planned so far...

1) Go to the library
2) Create some wall art: Set up a little art studio in the garage with canvases and easels
3) Make homemade fruit popsicles
4) Go on walks/bikerides around the neighborhood
5) Go to the park
6) Have picnics on our deck
7) Create a chore chart to hang in his room (Simple chores such as making his bed, picking up toys, wiping down the table after dinner, etc.)
8) Do some letter tracing
9) Go to Granna's pool with Presley!!
10) Decorate a few pots to plant herbs in
11) Write letters to baby #2
12) Make homemade Christmas gifts
13) Help him write a book with illustrations
14) Lie on a blanket and look at the clouds.  Talk about what we see!
15) Bake a cake and decorate it together
16) Chalk the sidewalk
17) Go to paint pottery
18) Make homemade pizza for lunch
19) Play music together
20) Have a "Movies & PJs" day
21) Play "Go Fish"
22) Make hats with paint, glitter, feathers and lots of fun, messy stuff
23) Make new crayons out of all of the broken ones we have lying around
24) Make sock puppets
25) Choose toys to donate (This will definitely end with some Toy Story 3 watching)

Bonus Activity added 11:37 7/11: Have a superhero photo shoot!!  Have him dress up like all of his favorite superheroes and take pictures for his memory book!

Photo Credit: Quick Meme

Keep following for some documentation of the above activities (and maybe a couple of tutorials!).  I can't wait to have these experiences with Jacob.  He's so adorable at this age and I love that he'll have these memories with his mommy.  I'm hoping I don't totally screw up all the crafty stuff and that I can check off at least 75% of this list!  We'll revisit our progress in 6 months! :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Quest for a Fashionable One Piece...ha.

As announced here yesterday, I am pregnant.  12 weeks to be exact.  This means I do not look pregnant; I just look bloated.  Honestly, since this is my second pregnancy, I have NO idea how my body is going to change or how quickly it's going to happen.  So, how does a gal look presentable for nine months, three seasons and an ever expanding mid section?!  I feel it's impossible.  

Then vacation was a week away.  I didn't want to wear a bikini because, though bikinis may be cute on a 23 week bump, they don't look attractive on an otherwise thin chick with a pooch.  So, I started looking for a one piece that would hopefully get me through week 20, having NO IDEA what my body may look like at week 20.  Sounds like an intelligent plan, right?  No.  Not at all.  I acknowledge this.  After a couple of weeks of searching, I kept coming back to this suit, but was so reluctant because of the price.  Is it worth it to spend this much money on something that may not even fit me a month from now?  Eventually, I decided it was and that I would get a cheap suit in August if needed.  Maybe not the most frugal decision, but, sheesh, I'm going to be very large...throw me a fashionable bone.  And, as I explained it to my conscience my husband, I can't be expected to predict the future of my pregnant body, I'll wear it next summer as I try to lose the baby weight and who makes it a whole summer with only one bathing suit anyway?  It's just not hygienic.  

So, this is what I will be wearing for at least the next four weeks and hopefully the next 8...

^^^but in navy

So, my review...
I LOVE it.  It's very chic for a one piece and the blouson is so flattering on my short waisted frame.  The strap hits a great spot on my shoulder.  If it were any closer, it'd make my shoulders look broad.  Instead, it accentuates my collar bone and makes my upper body look thin.  I was worried about where the blouson portion would hit and if it would just cut into my little bump instead of hiding it, but it hits just under it.  My ONLY complaint is that you can't take a picture facing the wind because it blows the blousy part back against your stomach and completely defeats the purpose.  And, the tan lines stink, but I guess they would with any one piece that has straps.

Overall, I still felt cute, which caught me by surprise when it first came in.  I thought maybe I'd feel like it was a second best option to a bikini.  But, honestly, I think I like myself better newly pregnant in this suit than a bikini not pregnant.  It feels sophisticated, yet trendy and youthful.

I would highly recommend this suit for anyone who wants a fashion forward alternative to a two piece or hip hugging one piece.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Fresh Start

I've been wanting to freshen up my blog design for quite some time now, and, though I'm not a pro, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!!  My style is ever evolving and my life is ever changing, but sometimes my wardrobe and my blog have a hard time keeping up due to two hot commodities...time and money!

Speaking of time and money, I've been seriously re-evaluating the value of each.  Pete and I both are baffled by the realization that we pretty much live to work.  We spend most of our time there and when we're not there, we're thinking about what's left there.  It doesn't make any sense.  Life is right in front of us and our little family is more important than anything.  We've been trying to find ways to make sure that we live life to the fullest, give our kids the best balance of nurture and independence and generally, just live in a state of contentment.  We'll see how that goes!!  There are a lot of changes to be made. But, in the mean time, we have a LOT of changes coming up, the biggest one being that we're having another baby!!!  Little Baby N is due in January 2014!  We are so beyond thrilled and now, more than ever, we're considering what we want our lives to look like as we expand our family, for the sake of their little minds and self esteems and for our sanity and quality of life.  I can't wait for the changes to come!!  I've always believed that life is what you make it.  The decision to make changes is tough.  But in the end, no one else will do it for you.  Your life is yours to create.

^^^our little facebook announcement