Monday, December 16, 2013

Postpartum Wishlist

I know most people don't really look forward to recovery after giving birth.  Having had a C-Section with Jacob, I KNOW how painful, emotional and tiring recovery can be.  If you're a first time mom, here's a little clue...

We got NO sleep the first night (completely regretted leaving the hospital early) and wondered what in the world we had done, thinking we could be parents.  I dreamed up crazy hypotheticals, like the house catching on fire from hand sanitizer (true story), and I cried for hours because I felt like my giving birth to him was actually a bad thing since he was obviously so much happier lodged in my uterus.  That's the ugly, slightly depressing part.

...But, I also remember how absolutely amazing that time with the new little family can be- no cleaning or going out, just cozying up inside, getting to know this new little member of the family, cuddling in mommy and daddy's bed in the morning until breaking out the frozen quiche for brunch, daytime naps and trying to stay as comfortable as possible throughout the night.  Is it totally weird that I really CANNOT wait for this time?  My hubby will have a whole week off and I'll have my whole little family together!  Sounds like bliss to me!

Now, obviously, the appropriate loungewear and accessories are needed for this little week of very tired relaxation.  Check out my picks...

How great is that nightshirt for late night feedings, that record player for afternoon lounging and that robe for a.m. cuddling?!  I'm kind of in love with all of these items.  Emotional as postpartum can be, a few little luxuries will go a long way.  And, don't forget a few cozy nursing bras a little notebook to jot down moments to remember from the first few days of your little's life, and a really, really great camera.

What items are you wishing for to help you get cozy through the postpartum period?  ...besides the laundry list of boring, gross, practical stuff that we won't go into here... ;)

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Romantic, Garden Inspired Family Maternity Shoot

They're finally hereeee!!! I'm so excited to share our maternity photos by L. Hewitt Photography.  I really wanted something soft and ethereal, that would capture the sweetness of pregnancy, while involving the entire family.  I am so, so happy with the results!!

Check out more on my inspiration for the shoot in this post...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Parks, Acrobats and Pecan Pie

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Pete's family in North Jersey.  We had a really great time, New York City by day and listening to records by the fire in the evening...while stuffing our faces with the most amazing pecan pie.  I seriously could've eaten this pie for every meal.  Jacob got some QT with the other kiddos in the family, lots of park time (including the "ice park"-his first time skating!!) and made some new memories with his grandfather, "Bob-bo", making breakfast almost every morning!  Mixing the batter and cracking eggs is his favorite!  I'm really happy that we got to have a few uninterrupted days with Pete's family where he grew up.  Every visit gives me something new to learn about him.  And, we always leave swearing we'll move there within a year...we will see!! :)

Check out a few pictures from the long weekend and hop over to my Instagram for a few shots from The Big Apple Circus that we went to with "Papa Dan" and some more fam at Lincoln Center.

 ^^walking to the park around the corner

^^examining acorns was a popular attraction while making our way to the park
^^look at that face!

 ^^Pete, his little sister and his baby boy.  So sweet.


 ^^waiting for Thanksgiving dinner!

 ^^those tomatoes didn't stand a chance.

 ^^evidently seven year old girls have just as much energy as four year old boys!!  These kids are crazy.

 ^^Central Park after the circus.
 ^^seriously.  how cute is this little guy?!

 ^^You can't see him, but there's a Pete under there.

^^I just love this.

 ^^She's a pro.

 ^^How we spent a good part of the skate trip.

^^Like daddy, like son.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?