This blog is really about my life- the things that inspire me, the things I find funny, the family I love, the shopping I'm doing, the many creative projects I'm working on.  I've always been accused of having too many interests, so this blog will explore a bit of all of them- from outfit posts and inspiration boards to stories and a bit of self exploration.

Someone once told me that the world was my oyster... I like to think of it more as a melody that I get the privilege of writing...

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  1. Hi Lauren! The Maryland Wineries Association would like to invite you to our newest Harford County event, Harvest at Swan Harbor Farm. Even though you are pregnant, this event is still family friendly. There will be 13 Maryland wineries, local food, craft vendors, children's activities, and a costume contest. Please contact briana@marylandwine.com for more information. If you would like to give away your tickets on your blog, that is fine too! www.marylandwine.org/harvest