Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sappy Public Love Letter

Alright...here's a really sappy, sentimental, hopelessly romantic post.  You may barf of sweetness overdose, but I don't care.  You should stop reading here if you aren't into cheesy love letters or if you think that PDA is inappropriate.  I think PDA is completely appropriate when you've found a love like mine.  And, I'm about to tell you exactly why.

Tomorrow is Pete and my 3rd anniversary.  It's been four years since we met and I have loved him basically since that day (maybe not THE day, but really soon after!).  But, those of you who know Pete know that that's not hard to believe.  He is one of the kindest, most understanding people you'll ever meet.  And, I'm writing this post as a very public "Thank You!".  See, I never thought that it was possible to have a relationship like ours.  I had seen my grandparents, who were always completely at peace with each other (even when they had their "disagreements").  But, every relationship I had and almost every relationship I had ever witnessed had elements of insecurities, jealousies, and volatile fighting (not physically, but definitely emotionally).  I honestly thought that with passionate attraction came passionate fighting too.  It was a "take the good with the bad" mentality- also known as settling.  I never thought that a relationship of peace and contentment was a reality for me- maybe not even for anyone in my generation.  Chivalry is dead, right?

{Sidebar: I'm not saying my exes were horrible, emotionally abusive people.  A few of them were really good guys.  But, it was kind of like trying to put puzzle pieces together that just didn't fit.  I wasn't right for them just as much as they weren't right for me.  I hope they all find/have found the puzzle piece that fits them perfectly because I found mine!}

Needless to say, I stumbled upon an absolute jewel.  My jealousies that had been evident in past relationships disappeared (maybe not completely! but they were definitely more under control).  Fighting never escalated to tears, walking out or name calling.  And, while my insecurities are still there, I am secure in the fact that he's not walking away and that he really does put Jacob and I first.  And, maybe this relationship is different because I'm an adult now and with maturity comes more mature relationships.  And while I do think that has something to do with it, I've seen enough adult relationships to know that what I have is really special.

So, I've said all of this to say 2 things:

1) Peter:  Thank you for being my fairy tale.  As cheesy as that is, I never thought men like you existed for girls like me and you proved that my dreams of having a happy, content, comfortable, but completely exciting relationship were completely possible.  I also always thought that I'd have to give up a part of who I was in order to make it work with someone else.  You know and accept every part of who I REALLY am and I never thought that was possible.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found you because I know there are very few men out there as patient, understanding, and kind as you are.  And they definitely don't come with your good looks and humor!!  I'll love you forever.  Thank you for choosing me.

2) I wish I could've known what I know now from the ages of 14-19.  It would've saved me a lot of heartache, a lot of boy chasing and a lot of settling.  And, I would've spent a lot more time with girlfriends and a lot less time fighting with boys who weren't right for me.  So, girls- one day you really will have a fulfilling relationship that you are secure and at peace with.  You can either go through the hard stuff like I did and hope you get lucky (which I did) or you can wait patiently and be open to loving him when he comes.

I'm not saying our relationship is perfect.  It's definitely not.  We argue over housework (I am by no means a domestic goddess).  I still get insecure and sometimes he still gets annoyed with giving me the reassurance I stupidly crave (I'm sounding crazy, aren't I?!).  We have communication issues.  I'm sensitive.  He struggles with telling me what he's feeling. BUT, something about us just works.  Somehow, we know how to handle each other when we disagree, how to be comfortable with each other and how to keep each other interested.  I am not only in love with him, but I have FUN with him!  He makes me laugh and he's my best friend.

I feel like I hit the relationship lottery.

You're amazing, Petey.  I love you, admire you and am so incredibly thankful to have you as my partner in life.

Happy Anniversary, sweet thang!