Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are We There Yet?! The St. John Countdown

In just over a month, we'll be leaving for St. John with Pete's side of the family.  We'll be staying in a house with gorgeous views, such as this...

Actually, that IS our view!!! From EVERY room!!! I'm still kind of pinching myself to be sure that that's actually where we'll be for a week.  The house has a ton of indoor/outdoor space, an amazing pool and even a little bridge (for some reason that's one of the most exciting things to me?).

And, while I am SUPER excited for the sunshine and relaxation, I also welcome another excuse to shop!!  So, in my planning, I've come up with a few things I absolutely have to pack (things I already have)...

-Cuffed Denim Shorts
-Striped Terry Shorts (probably my favorite)
-White Linen Button Down
-Beach Bag (I have a go-to pink Lacoste bag that's pretty much become our official sand bucket bag)
-Easy Maxi Dresses (need a couple more of these)
-My Oversized Kate Spade Straw Hat
-Basic Tees (I have a few JCrew tees that I live in)

and of course I have a lot of other pieces I COULD bring....but I'd rather buy the following...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11(already own) 12(J.Crew- old; was a Christmas gift from the hub!) 13

First of all, um HOW CUTE IS THAT BEACH TOWEL??!!  

In other news...
I've been trying to replace a yellow polka dot bikini I left at a hotel in Spain when I was 17 for about, well, since then.  I finally found one I liked from J.Crew.  I'll definitely be adding a floral print bikini to my list as well.  Those clear acrylic sandals are TA DIE for- I'm a total sucker for bows and studs.  And, I've been wanting to add some patterned silk and lace options into my shorts collection- denim and chinos can only get a gal so far.  I plan on pairing the lace ones with an easy graphic tee for travel and the patterned ones with a more fitted, tucked in tank and a fedora.  Add some bold colors into the lipstick, sarong and sunhat (bold lip + perfectly sunkissed skin = perfection) for beach going and I think I'll have a tropical win.

SO, now I have to go convince my husband I need to order all this stuff....HA.  Maybe the beach towel isn't a necessity?  

What are you bringing on your winter getaways?  Any good book suggestions?  Did I miss any island essentials?

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  1. We are going to Florida in March and I've been thinking about my packing list a TON the last few days! feels good to dream of warm weather in this freezing cold!