Monday, December 9, 2013

Parks, Acrobats and Pecan Pie

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Pete's family in North Jersey.  We had a really great time, New York City by day and listening to records by the fire in the evening...while stuffing our faces with the most amazing pecan pie.  I seriously could've eaten this pie for every meal.  Jacob got some QT with the other kiddos in the family, lots of park time (including the "ice park"-his first time skating!!) and made some new memories with his grandfather, "Bob-bo", making breakfast almost every morning!  Mixing the batter and cracking eggs is his favorite!  I'm really happy that we got to have a few uninterrupted days with Pete's family where he grew up.  Every visit gives me something new to learn about him.  And, we always leave swearing we'll move there within a year...we will see!! :)

Check out a few pictures from the long weekend and hop over to my Instagram for a few shots from The Big Apple Circus that we went to with "Papa Dan" and some more fam at Lincoln Center.

 ^^walking to the park around the corner

^^examining acorns was a popular attraction while making our way to the park
^^look at that face!

 ^^Pete, his little sister and his baby boy.  So sweet.


 ^^waiting for Thanksgiving dinner!

 ^^those tomatoes didn't stand a chance.

 ^^evidently seven year old girls have just as much energy as four year old boys!!  These kids are crazy.

 ^^Central Park after the circus.
 ^^seriously.  how cute is this little guy?!

 ^^You can't see him, but there's a Pete under there.

^^I just love this.

 ^^She's a pro.

 ^^How we spent a good part of the skate trip.

^^Like daddy, like son.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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