Tuesday, August 6, 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant!

Yesterday marked 16 weeks!  Only 2 weeks left until we find out the sex of the baby and I'm finally gaining a little weight.  My weight fluctuated around a three pound difference pre-pregnancy, but I'm thinking that after losing in the first trimester, I'm up 1-2 lbs now.  I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow, so I'll get the official word then!  I gained a little too much with Jacob, so I definitely want to keep my weight under control this time by staying active and making healthy choices.

Another reason I need to keep my weight gain down is to make sure my body is ready for a VBAC.  It's definitely something I really want, so I'll be asking my doctor tomorrow for more details and scheduling a consultation with a doula.  I always wanted the natural birth experience with Jacob, but since he was measuring so large, I ended up scheduling a c-section.  They estimated that he was going to be close to 11 lbs, but he was only 8.6.  I now know that my body can do this and that I have to trust it.  I just have to prepare for it and give it the time that it needs!  Any experiences with VBACs, incorrect measurements or doulas?

On another note, I'm feeling little flutters!!! It's so sweet and is finally making me feel like I'm actually pregnant!!  It was hard to believe there for a while... :)

...excuse the creepy red eye :(  

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