Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Baby Girl's Nursery Design!

It's official!  WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!!  Her name will be Sadie Elizabeth and she will be all sorts of stupendously precious.

So, of course, now that we know the sex of our little bundle of joy, it's time for "Operation: Decoration" as my super fab friend, Meggy B., would say.  I came up with a couple of designs, one being a little less "baby" than the other (the "less baby" included some hollywood regency esque elements that I so love).  But, my friends and family convinced me to go with this one, and I have to say, they're totally right.  I LOVE this design, much to the disdain of my husband and his aversion to wallpaper hanging, painting and paneling.  Hey, if I'm going to do this on the cheap, it's going to require some extra measures, k?! :)  However, we are accepting applications for paneling and wallpaper hanging friends.  We'll buy you pizza!! :)

If you followed THIS POST, you'll see that I combined a bit of the ornate french flair (see: gold gilded surfaces, ornate silhouettes and linen galore) of the first design with the colorful creativity of the second (see: wallpaper and rug!).  It'll be perfect for our little, spunky princess.

Here's how you get the look...

1) Wallpaper: Graham & Brown
2) Some DIY Paneling: We did this in our dining room and it's easily the cheapest way to upgrade the overall impact of a space!!
3) Window Panels by Nate Burkus via Target
4) White Jenny Lind Crib via Target
6) Hanging Pendants.  Still trying to find these in stock.  I may have to find an alternative if I can't.  I'm on the waiting list on
7) Most amazing rug via Lulu & Georgia:  Currently on the waiting list!!
8) Chic Rocker via Target
10) Faux Sheepskin Rug via Ikea
11) Chartreuse Lamp via Kirklands
12) Faux Agate Accent Table via Target
13) Vintage White Dresser: The one we're actually purchasing has gold hardware and I plan on customizing a bit with some paint.  Changing pad will be placed on top.  We're purchasing ours from a local vintage consignment shop.
14) Rococo style mirror for gallery wall.  We already own one, but you can purchase a similar frame via Ikea and spray it gold.
15) Frames via Ikea

And, don't forget the fresh flowers!!! Every princess needs blooms.

Can't wait to share "after" photos with you all!! :)

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  1. Lu, I am so excited about Sadie Elizabeth. She is already so loved. I think Uncle Patrick will be perfect in hanging some paneling but I will be on the lookout for a wall paper hanger. You have such a beautiful style….LOVE IT!!!