Monday, September 23, 2013

I miss the weekend already. (And 23 week bump watch!)

When I was going into the office everyday, I would obviously complain a little every Monday morning, not ready for the weekend to end.  When I started staying home, I thought, "Hey, this will be great not really knowing the difference between the week and the weekend!"  This really isn't the case.  I actually feel kind of sad on Monday mornings, mostly because our weekend time has been so much better since I started staying home and I'm sad for Pete to have to go back to work.  Since I am getting more done during the week, we can take on more projects over the weekends and have more family time.  I'm not as exhausted from the week, so Pete and I get up when Jacob gets up and just enjoy the time together.  It's these times that my heart just feels so full!!

This weekend was a lot of fun.  We took the kiddo to the Farmers Market in our downtown.  We've been wanting to go for quite some time now, but just never found the time.  We almost didn't go Saturday since we were tired and just relaxing, but we got motivated, got dressed and went.  I'm so glad we did!  I'm so thankful for this little family of mine, the home we've created and the town that we live in.

Here's a peek at our weekend...

^^^Some belly pics Pete snapped of me before we left for the farmers market.  23 weeks!!  He was making me laugh in that last one.  As if I didn't feel like enough of a dork posing for the photo, he wouldn't stop making me laugh!! I love this man.

^^^An obviously still tired baby.

^^^ Just a little live music in the morning.

^^^One of the vendors gave Jacob a free apple.  He was loving it and hasn't stopped eating from the giant bag we bought for only $3 all weekend!

^^^Jacob had fun trying to pick up the huge pumpkins!! We're going to go back in a couple of weeks to pick some up.  I have my eye on the white pumpkins!!

^^^Some AMAZING homemade jams!! We picked up a few sample sizes.  I had some peach chardonnay jam on my toast Sunday morning and it was amazing!  Pete swears the blackberry rum is even better!

^^^Our view walking through town.

After the market, we had a DELISH breakfast at Sunny Day Cafe.  Cream cheese batter strawberry crepes....need I say more?

^^^My silly boy

^^^My handsome men

^^^Jacob helping himself to the sugar on my crepe.

^^^Playing statues.

I know next weekend will bring us more fun and memories, and that if I am settled into the time I have in front of me and willing to see the memories to be made within the next five days, Jacob and I will have an amazing week.


  1. you look SO CUTE in your bump pics. where is that dress from? I want to wear it sans bump...

  2. I feel you, Lauren! Mondays are still Mondays as a SAHM. But I love what you said about "seeing the memories to be made in the next five days". Great perspective! I read the book by Anne Voskamp, "One Thousand Gifts". Challenging look at finding joy at all times and being a more thankful person. May the Lord continue to bless your time at home with your adorable little man and your one on the way. (FYI, I'm only a week ahead of you! Due January 10!)

  3. Oh, and lovely pictures too. :) Your bump is so cute! I'm on #3 and it's amazing the difference each successive pregnancy makes. I look about 7 months already. lol

  4. ChampagnePicnic, thank you!! It's Liz Lange Maternity for Target, but it could DEFINITELY work sans bump. There's no elastic or anything! :) It's on clearance now!

    Virginia, thank you for the compliment!! :) I feel like there is plenty of time for me to blow up like I did with Jacob, so I'm just enjoying it while it lasts! And I will look into that book- finding the joy in everything is something I'm really trying to work on!! Have a happy 3rd pregnancy and a healthy little addition!

  5. Lauren, I love your most recent blog about the Farmer's Market - and the pictures are great! I see you live in Bel Air - my boyfriend and I are seriously considering moving there! What part of Bel Air do you live in that you love so much? We've only seen parts of Bel Air and are in love, but would love to get a local's opinion!