Monday, September 9, 2013

New Camera. New Perspective.

This weekend Pete and I invested in a DSLR camera.  We've been talking about it for quite a while now and, with Disney coming up and baby Sadie making her arrival, it seemed like the perfect time!  While sticker shock was definitely part of the equation, I have absolutely no shoppers remorse after spending the weekend with it.  The quality of photos is amazing and it's so fun learning how to shoot in manual mode to get those gorgeous, soft shots of my kiddo that I love on other bloggers' posts.  It's definitely been a learning process!  I took some shots at our church picnic yesterday in aperture priority mode and messing with some of the other settings, but our time at the park this morning shot in manual mode really gave me better results!! Check out my kiddo in all of his park play cuteness...

I'm so excited and thankful to have this camera to record all of our family experiences in the clarity and sweetness that they really exist in.

YAY for a new hobby!! :)

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