Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sadie Style: Baby Girl Outfits for Every Occasion

So sorry I was absent last week!  We started construction on our basement, I joined a committee at our Church and I have a side project going on, in addition to throwing a Christmas crafting party Friday night, I was out almost every day and just couldn't muster the energy to blog.

One thing that has consumed pretty much every moment of my online time is contemplating Sadie's wardrobe.  I started a little log of the pieces we have, by size, and have begun to look for pieces that I think are needed to fill in.  It is SO hard to know what to buy before baby comes, and, let's face it, not purchasing clothes for her before she comes is basically just not an option.  So, here's to hoping this little lady follows normal growth patterns! 

I know everyone is all like, "Oh, they just wear sleepers!  It doesn't even matter!!".  OH, SO FALSE.  Yes, I want her to be comfortable.  ABSOLUTELY.  But, leggings, a onesie, and a chambray are just as comfortable as a sleeper.  So, it's become my mission to make sure she has a realistic wardrobe that is ever fashionable.  DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS TO DO ON A BUDGET?!?!?!  Seriously.  I'm surrounded by cheesy sleepers with cupcakes and glitter and sayings like, "CATitude," followed by a little kitten graphic.  Who comes up with this stuff?  Oh and the "She doesn't need shoes until she walks!" approach... If I had to go a year without shoes, it would be a very sad year.  While I won't spend the $60 that I'd love to be able to spend on a pair of name brand moccasins, I think the $19.95 for the Minnetonkas below is worth it for some outfit completion.

I've found that the brands I love most are JCrew, Baby Gap, Tea Collection and Mini Boden.  Filling her closet with these brands alone is just not posssible.  Sorry, I can't spend $30 on a sleeper when I need 15 of them for a period of 3 months... I just can't do it.  And, as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE that oh so mini cashmere sweater, I think I would hyperventilate the first time she spit up on it.  I will not have Dry Clean Only pieces in the wardrobe of my 3 month old.  (I repeat this to myself every time I'm tempted to just add that little bit of caszh to my online cart...)  My approach is to carefully curate sleepers and basics from Carters, Old Navy and Osh Kosh, then fill in with full outfits from the brands I love ONLY when they're on sale.  Luckily, Gap turns over new collections really frequently, so waiting for sales isn't too hard!  JCrew, on the other hand, excludes their baby collection from all sales...WOMP.  Thus, I've only gotten a couple of, what I consider to be, statement onesies and socks from them.  Watch Zulily and Gilt.com for Tea Collection sales and Nordstrom for Mini Boden on sale.

You'll definitely be hearing more from me on this topic, but for now, here are a few outfits I put together I'm kind of obsessed with.  I'm obviously drawn to shades of tangerine and peach...wait until you see her room!!!! :)

FOR CHURCH: dress | tights | moccasins | headband || FOR COMING HOME: onepiece | headband || FOR LOUNGING: onesie | leg warmers | headband | blanket | boots || FOR LUNCH OUT: top | jeans | flats | headband ||

What are your "must haves" for your wee one's wardrobe?  What do refuse to buy?

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