Friday, November 1, 2013

Romantic Maternity Shoot Inspiration

Trying to find inspiration for our maternity shoot has been a challenge.  I knew I wanted a super soft, ethereal vibe that felt timeless and a bit editorial without being over the top since {obviously} I wanted to include both Pete and Jacob.  When searching for photos, I found that there were A LOT of pretty cheesy maternity shoots out there, that few well done shoots include families and that the look I was going for was more found in wedding photography or engagement shoots.  Shouldn't maternity photos be romantic too?!  Evidently, others don't feel the way I do...  So, then I was going between the pseudo European garden inspired, ethereal shoot I envisioned or a super romantic at home, naturally gorgeous, bring tears to your eyes kind of simply beautiful shoot.  I decided to go with the garden inspired for maternity and naturally beautiful at home shoot for our newborn shoot.

Anyway, I did find a few photos for inspiration and we'll be using these as the basis for our shoot with Leah from L. Hewitt Photography.  I'm in love with her style and can't wait to make some photo magic with her tomorrow morning at our shoot!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!! Jacob was so into it this year, he would barely let me take any pictures because he was running around and begging to eat all of his candy.  This boy got a HAUL of candy.  I guess I'll just have to help him out a little... ;)  More to come next week on our Halloween!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

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