Monday, October 7, 2013

50 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

1) The world is your oyster.  You choose what kind of world you live in.  The possibilities are endless and completely possible for you with determination and positivity.
2) Speak things that aren't as though they were.  Acknowledging the negative gives it power in your life.
3) Be a giver.  Give of your time, kind words and resources.
4) Be a good friend.  One day, you'll have a family of your own and this will be more difficult.  Enjoy your time with your friends and be there for them selflessly.  These relationships are worth cultivating.
5) Stand for something, rather than nothing.  Who cares if people think you're too opinionated?  Just remember tact.
6) Do the research.  Think for yourself.
7) You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
8) Putting yourself together doesn't mean you're vain or fussy.  It means you care about yourself and know that you have something serious to offer the world.
9) Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.
10) Remember that your life is under God's control.  Don't stress the small stuff.  The end result will be peaceful and beautiful if you let it.
11) You're in control of your happiness.  Choose to be happy.
12) Forgiveness is just as much for you as it is the other person.  Harboring bitterness will only keep you from growing.  This includes forgiveness for yourself!
13) Don't take yourself too seriously.  Give yourself a break and laugh.
14) Read.  It's therapeutic.
15) Excessive arguing in a relationship is not normal.
16) Always help clean up dinner when visiting someone's house.  Actually, help clean up at home too! :)
17) Know that you have something to offer at work and act like it.
18) Even a phone call can be a random act of kindness.  Pick up the phone and call.
19) Don't aim for money.  Aim for a life you can be at peace with.
20) Cheap 6" heels make you look like a hooker.  2" mules make you look like a grandma.  A 4" is the perfect balance of sexy and serious.
21) Travel the world.  The people and places it has to see will help you appreciate the life God has given you.
22) Don't hide your personality.
23) Don't be afraid.  What will happen will happen and you're perfectly ready to take it on.
24) Don't buy generic toilet paper or peanut butter.
25) Laugh loudly.  It's beautiful.
26) Get involved!  School, church, community, work- be a leader.
27) Everything in design comes down to balance.  You can beautifully decorate a room or perfectly put together an outfit by mixing high/low, hard/soft, ornate/casual.
28) You really are different.  You have to believe that about yourself.
29) Be well rounded.  Explore different things and have many interests.
30) Have compassion.  Don't make fun of anyone.  ever.
31) Be honest with yourself.  Don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong.  Don't be afraid to admit that a relationship is over.  Don't be afraid to admit a personality flaw and work to change it.  And don't make excuses.
32) Give yourself time.  It doesn't all have to be done today.  No one expects you to have it all together right this second.
33) Stressing only makes you sad and angry.  Choose to focus on what you can do within your control.
34) Wear perfume.
35) Sweatpants and messy hair are never as naturally cute as you think they are.
36) Expect chivalry.
37) Find beauty in all types of music.
38) If you're unhappy about something, figure out a way to fix it.  Don't complain about it.
39) Love deeply.  But, your love is valuable.  Don't give it away too easily.
40) You are loved.  Know that wherever you go and whatever you do, you have your family who thinks you are the smartest, kindest, most beautiful person.  And even you're not acting like it, we still love you because we know what's on the inside.
41) Kindness makes you beautiful.
42) Fake eyelashes are a must for any special occasion.
43) Buy statement pieces.  Even an LBD should make a statement.  Know the difference between clothes that are art and clothes that are trendy.
44) Buy quality pieces on sale.  Don't waste your money on things that will fall apart tomorrow.
45) Be a thinker.  Learn to visualize and strategize.
46) Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself.  You're constantly evolving.  Welcome the changes and own them.
47) Be a person that people want to be around.  In other words, don't be a downer.  Be a positive presence.
48) You don't know everything.  Take the time to just sit back and listen to quality discussion between people that you respect.  Be an information seeker.
49) Be thankful in all things.  Have a heart of gratitude for even the smallest of considerations.
50) Your name means: Mercy, Oath of God.  Live it.

We love you, Sadie Elizabeth!

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