Monday, October 28, 2013

A Sprinkle for Sadie

Last weekend, my mom and aunt threw me the sweetest little "sprinkle" for Sadie.  Attended by my closest family and friends, it was an intimate brunch with adorable, girly details, delicious food and lots of little things for our girl!!  I was so happy to have the people I love most all in one room and so appreciative of all the gifts we received for Sadie girl!!

And the details!!!  My mama and Aunt Debbie put so much work into making it perfect and it was every bit of perfection!  Evidently I'm hard to throw a party for, ya know, being a party planner and all, but after seeing how they worked their magic with this little shin dig, I told them they should definitely team up as pros!

I so love how everyone is looking forward to meeting our Sadie!  And, this is was the perfect day to celebrate her future arrival!

Enjoy the photos! 

(and thank you to my Aunt Kimberly for taking quite a few of these!  She did an awesome job!)

My Outfit: Tart Infinity Dress via Gilt | Kimono via Asos (old), but similar

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