Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunday in the Park with...Jacob, The Four Year Old Ninja Turtle

To my dismay, my sweet little boy has fallen in love with nunchucks (how the heck are you supposed to spell that?) and defeating imaginary characters named Shredder.  I'm not entirely sure how this happened.  Somehow he saw it, we obviously didn't think it was too harmful, and then it became an obsession before we could stop it?  I mean, this kid knows who the Power Rangers are already and has literally never even seen an episode.  THANKS, world of media.

Anyway, my "I will not give into the mainstream" attitude came into play when Jacob insisted on a TMNT birthday party.  So, since I knew it would make him happy, I agreed, but planned a party without employing the cheesy "official" TMNT branded paper plates, cups, JUNK that's all of a sudden everywhere.  I guess they're making a comeback?

My feelings aside, this boy was a happy boy to play with his friends at the park on a brisk Sunday afternoon, drink "Sewer Water" and munch on foods slathered with green food dye.  And that's all that matters.

Here are a few photos from the big day, my Jacob's fourth birthday!!

^^Cakes with fabric masks, marshmallow sticks dipped in sprinkles, "cowabunga" pizza (bagel bites) under the tin foil.

^^Plain vanilla yogurt, some food dye + fruit

^^"Dirt" recipe

^^Sprite+Green Food Dye

^^Jacob's favorite thing to do at the park: jump into the sand!!

^^the boys eating sand...for fun...NBD.

^^kisses for daddy.

^^Presley, Jacob's cousin and bestie, chowin' down on some funfetti birthday cake.

^^That sweet face.

^^Just the four of us. ;)

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