Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maternity Style: Second Trimester

We're finally through the first trimester!! Our houses are finally returning to normal and, though we still may need a daily nap, our overall energy is finally coming back...just in time for our bumps to arrive!  Bump arrival means maternity shopping!  This shopping trip should pretty much get you through to delivery.  I'm starting to get a bump, so I just went over the weekend (the end of my 14th week).  And, I pretty much have worn my maternity leggings every day while at home.  They're SO comfortable and much cuter than yoga pants or work out shorts!!

I've put together some essentials (most of which I actually purchased for myself) for looking fab throughout the rest of your pregnancy, but here are a few items you should already have in your wardrobe to complete the mix...

Items from your current wardrobe to use throughout maternity...
-a light jacket for layering (denim, leather or utility)
-button downs to layer without buttoning
-long cardigans, kimonos or ponchos for layering
-maxi dresses from trimester 1
-flats and wedges from trimester 1
-a few loose tops/dresses from trimester 1 that should take you through trimester 2

During this trimester, your goal is to LAYER.  You do this by buying maternity basics and non-maternity layering pieces.  I hate spending money on stuff that isn't worth it or won't last me, so anything that can be worn after pregnancy makes me feel great!!

Maternity Tanks: These, along with your leggings and jeans, are going to be the basis of most of your outfits.  I got 2 from Pea in the Pod on sale in a light grey and taupe.  I'd suggest getting at least 2, if not 4.  I may have to go back for a couple more.  Keep your eye on sales!  You want these to be a good, quality tank, made of a great material that feels soft and put together.  You'll pretty much be living in these, so make sure they're up for daily wear.

Non-Maternity Cardigans:  I went to H&M for these.  I have a couple of cardigans already in my closet that I'll wear, but I especially wanted a patterned one.  This one was only $12!  These are the pieces I feel great about since I'll be able to wear them after delivery as well!

Plain White Tee:  Normally, I wouldn't say that this is a necessity, but I found this one at Old Navy and was impressed that it actually has a cute flyaway cut that makes it accessible for nursing.  That little detail made it worth it to me.  It'll work well with the maxi skirt and vest or jeans, booties and a bold lip.

Maternity Denim:  I went with a lighter wash since the black leggings will be a substitute for dark denim.  Let's be real.  Maternity jeans are expensive.  It's unreasonable to buy a pair in every wash.  I may end up caving and buying a pair of dark wash skinnies, but a light wash feels very current and will be perfect for a lot of the other pieces I've added to my maternity wardrobe.

Booties:  I wanted these for fall anyway and they're a comfortable option that'll give me a little bit of height to balance out the impending roundness!  Again, YAY for something that will last beyond pregnancy!!! assuming my shoe size doesn't balloon again like it did with Jacob....crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer...

Chambray Top: This is one of the few items on the board that I didn't purchase, though I almost did.  Instead, I'm opting to use the chambray button downs I already own to layer with.  If you don't own a chambray (pregnant or not!), you must go buy one now.  No, seriously.  Right this second.  It will change your wardrobe forever as the easiest piece ever to work with.

A Comfy Sweater:  You'll need something super comfortable for lazy days that still looks cute.  I plan on throwing this over almost everything when it gets a little chilly around the house.  This could also be substituted for a more structured sweatshirt.

Maternity Baseball Tee:  This is such an easy way to look chic and casually cool at the same time.  It's going to look great with my jeans, booties and vest.

Maternity Leggings:  These, along with your tanks, are the building blocks of your wardrobe.   I got these buy 1 get one 1/2 off from Motherhood maternity.  I had had a pair of olive skinnies in my online old navy cart, but when I saw these at Motherhood, I opted to get olive leggings instead to save a little bit.  They're made of a great, thick material for only being $21 a pop!  And, the part that extends over your belly is soft and not restricting at all!  That was the worst during my first pregnancy- when the belly panel had a thick band of elastic at the top that cut off your circulation.  These leggings are quality and super comfortable.  It should also be noted that the olive leggings pictured are a little less olive than they are in real life.  

A Cute Vest:  I just purchased this right after I found out I was pregnant.  I had it in my cart at Target, put it back, checked out, and came back a week later to purchase it.  It is adorable and makes any outfit look put together!  I wear it unzipped and it can be paired with virtually any of the pieces I've purchased.  In my first trimester, I paired it with denim cuffed shorts, a black and white striped boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee and leather sandals.  It can also be paired with a basic black maxi dress.  This will be one of my wardrobe staples for a long time.

Maternity Graphic Tee:  Nobody wants to feel like an old lady while pregnant.  This feels young and fresh and will be perfect for my olive leggings and tribal print cardigan.  It's also great with that maxi and a leather jacket.  Or, dress it up with black leggings, a blazer and heels.

Maternity Maxi Skirt:  This is just an easy piece for when you don't feel like wearing pants.  If this is your first pregnancy, trust me when I say that will happen.

It should also be noted that if you're not a stay home mom like me, you'll want to replace some of the more casual pieces with a jersey pencil skirt, a work appropriate printed pant, a maternity trouser and a few pretty tops.

Are there any pieces that you think are essential for your second trimester?  Discuss in the comments!  

Happy Person Growing, ladies!!! <3

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  1. This is a great post! I love that you chose items that can be worn over and over again during pregnancy, and used after the baby is born! Makes stomaching the whole "being forced to buy maternity clothing" more bearable!

    Also, I just posted by 2nd trimester essentials if you want to check it out! http://meredithtested.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/top-5-second-trimester-pregnancy-essentials/