Friday, July 19, 2013

It's the Weekend, Baby!!!

Just about every morning Jacob wakes up and screams from his bedroom, "Mommy, Daddy, is it the weekend?".  Unfortunately, five days out of seven we have to tell him, "No, sweetie, it's time for school."  And, the seventh day doesn't even count because after we tell him it's Sunday, he goes, "So, the weekend's almost ooverrr?".  I'm concerned about his future real school going days...we may have a problem if he's three and already looking forward to the weekend this much.  Really though, I think he just loves being with both Pete and I on the weekends.  He's such a cuddle bug and really does love hanging out with us.  I hope that doesn't change!

As you know from this post, I love coming up with different things for us to do that we'll ALL enjoy!  So, here are a few things you may want to try out this weekend at home or around the Baltimore area...


Make this gorgeous SUNCATCHER and choose someone to gift it to as a random act of kindness!

Take a morning trip to Barnes & Noble to grab some Starbucks and make your way through THIS LIST of classic children's books.

Take advantage of the heat and make some SOLAR S'MORES!

Marvel at the genius that THIS is. *HINT: It will change long car rides forever.

Become an ice excavator and beat the heat with this fun activity. *Gotta start Friday night!

Make this easy peasy, cute and breezy cereal necklace.

Go on a date with your husband.  That's what I'm gonna do!!! 


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!! And as my grandmother called to remind me yesterday, stay hydrated in this heat!!!! :)

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