Monday, July 29, 2013

Maternity Style: First Trimester

I admittedly had no idea how to dress for pregnancy when I was expecting Jacob.  We were broke, and up until that point, I had lived my life in yoga pants and sorority tees.  I also had a nice collection of inappropriate  trendy going out dresses.  So, with limited funds and a lot on my mind,  I often looked pretty sloppy and not representative of my current style.  I was so sick almost the entire pregnancy, so putting effort into my look was just exhausting.

I swore that when we got pregnant again, this would not be the case.  I would take care of myself.  I would get mani/pedis.  I would keep the yoga pants for lounging around the house.  And, even if I was lounging, I wouldn't wear my husband's t-shirts with those yoga pants.  I would do my hair and put makeup on, utilize the power of awesome jewelry during pregnancy and rock the ethereal look that gives a pregnant woman an even more angelic glow.  I'd get over feeling horrible and power through to look awesome.  Because putting effort into looking awesome makes you feel awesome...right?!?!

Kind of.

With one trimester down, I've probably curled my hair three times in three months.  And, frankly, I've been too busy trying every mask and acne treatment to actually do a proper eye makeup application.  Seriously.  How did this happen?  My skin was perfect when I was expecting Jacob!  And my hair was the fullest it had ever been.  Now, my skin's out of control and I never have the energy to even fully dry my hair, much less style it.

I feel that this is expected in the first trimester.  Give yourself a break (I'm obviously speaking to myself).  It's exhausting growing, ya know, another human being.  Make sure you wear cute clothes and rock the natural, dewy look with a great primer, concealer, highlighter and blush.  I can tell you that, now in my second trimester, I'm already feeling better and have gotten gussied up several times since I entered week 13 two weeks ago (15 weeks today, heyyy!).  And for those days you're not feeling up to an expansive beauty routine, grab a statement lipstick- INSTAPOW.

So, here's my recipe for first trimester style.  I think I probably spent about $100 on this trimester by using pieces that I already had in my wardrobe and getting a few extra things on sale at Old Navy and Target.  Remember, these are the pieces you'll probably be able to wear postpartum as well, so don't feel bad about buying a couple of things even though you won't be into maternity wear for another three months or so.  Trust me, you're going to feel bloated and gross.  You'll need loose, flowy and EASY pieces for when you can barely keep down your breakfast, much less put thought into putting an outfit together.  But, since you are spending money, try to make sure that these are pieces that will be able to work into your second and maybe even third trimesters.  You're looking for non-maternity clothes that can be worn as maternity.  That's what makes it worth the investment.

Here are my First Trimester must haves...

1) Shift Dress Silhouette:  I have this dress that I picked up from Old Navy for like $12 when I first found out I was pregnant.  I got in in a medium (instead of my usual small) to make sure I could wear it through my second trimester in the fall with leggings and an open front cardi.  I've worn it so many times the past three months!! Probably too many!!  The length is great since it doesn't make you feel frumpy.  And, it looks great with some wedges and pretty jewelry.  An easy topknot or loose, barely dry waves pair well with it's cazsh style.  A bold coral lip also goes great with this number!  You can also pair it with a belt when you've finally grown that little, much anticipated bump!!

2) Pretty Flats:  Save the heels for the second trimester when you're feeling better.  If you don't already have a pair, invest in some pretty, comfortable, and neutral, but stylish flats.  I suggest wearing either above the knee or maxi lengths throughout pregnancy, so flats are perfect for those shorter lengths.  

3) Maxi Dresses:  I have this dress from Target and love it!  It's not maternity, but will definitely grow with me to term.  The fabric is so soft and it's so easy to throw on.  Again, loose waves and natural makeup look great with this dress.  Layer some long necklaces and throw on some wedges to make you look long and lean.

4) A Natural Wedge:  With all the boho looks you'll be rocking and nausea you'll be suffering, keep steady with some easy wedges.  I spent $15 at TJMaxx for mine.  I had wedges, but wanted a pair with a more reasonable heel height and an organic, go with everything vibe.  And, I'll be wearing these long after pregnancy.

5) An Amped Up Skin Care Routine: This peel was only $3.99 from CVS and I love it.  I also did a honey & cinnamon mask to combat my sudden surge of blemishes.  I haven't done a mask for the past two weeks and I'm definitely broken out again.  I hear break outs are a sign of being pregnant with a little lady!!!! We'll see! :)

6) Tunic Tops: I already had one similar to this from JCrew.  It's perfect to wear as a dress (with those flats) during the summer and with leggings/boots/scarf during the fall and winter months.  

7) Peasant Blouses: I purchased one of a more gauzy material from Old Navy on sale.  It has looked great with denim shorts and is easy to sport with those loose waves and natural makeup that you'll resort to just about every day.

8) Hair Bands:  I was able to not purchase any maternity bottoms through my first trimester by using the rubber band trick.  Simply wrap the band around the button, pull it through the loop, back around and back over the button.  It's still working, but I'm sure will stop shortly!  I have maternity leggings and jeans on standby for fall.  I WILL get through the summer without buying maternity shorts!!!!

9) Long Tanks:  Odds are, you already have these in your wardrobe.  I have several of these JCrew tanks in mine and I'm obsessed.  You'll need these to cover your hair band, non maternity jean genius.

Good luck, ladies, and HAPPY PERSON GROWING!!!

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