Thursday, July 11, 2013

There's So Much Room for Activities!!

Within the next few weeks, I'm going to be staying home with Jacob full time.  I am SO excited about being able to spend these last several months with just him and I before the new baby comes.  I've been trying to come up with an idea of what our schedule is going to be like, the things we're going to do and the places we'll go.  I definitely don't want to fall into a "Let's just play in the house and watch TV" rutt.  So, here are the things I've planned so far...

1) Go to the library
2) Create some wall art: Set up a little art studio in the garage with canvases and easels
3) Make homemade fruit popsicles
4) Go on walks/bikerides around the neighborhood
5) Go to the park
6) Have picnics on our deck
7) Create a chore chart to hang in his room (Simple chores such as making his bed, picking up toys, wiping down the table after dinner, etc.)
8) Do some letter tracing
9) Go to Granna's pool with Presley!!
10) Decorate a few pots to plant herbs in
11) Write letters to baby #2
12) Make homemade Christmas gifts
13) Help him write a book with illustrations
14) Lie on a blanket and look at the clouds.  Talk about what we see!
15) Bake a cake and decorate it together
16) Chalk the sidewalk
17) Go to paint pottery
18) Make homemade pizza for lunch
19) Play music together
20) Have a "Movies & PJs" day
21) Play "Go Fish"
22) Make hats with paint, glitter, feathers and lots of fun, messy stuff
23) Make new crayons out of all of the broken ones we have lying around
24) Make sock puppets
25) Choose toys to donate (This will definitely end with some Toy Story 3 watching)

Bonus Activity added 11:37 7/11: Have a superhero photo shoot!!  Have him dress up like all of his favorite superheroes and take pictures for his memory book!

Photo Credit: Quick Meme

Keep following for some documentation of the above activities (and maybe a couple of tutorials!).  I can't wait to have these experiences with Jacob.  He's so adorable at this age and I love that he'll have these memories with his mommy.  I'm hoping I don't totally screw up all the crafty stuff and that I can check off at least 75% of this list!  We'll revisit our progress in 6 months! :)

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