Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Quest for a Fashionable One Piece...ha.

As announced here yesterday, I am pregnant.  12 weeks to be exact.  This means I do not look pregnant; I just look bloated.  Honestly, since this is my second pregnancy, I have NO idea how my body is going to change or how quickly it's going to happen.  So, how does a gal look presentable for nine months, three seasons and an ever expanding mid section?!  I feel it's impossible.  

Then vacation was a week away.  I didn't want to wear a bikini because, though bikinis may be cute on a 23 week bump, they don't look attractive on an otherwise thin chick with a pooch.  So, I started looking for a one piece that would hopefully get me through week 20, having NO IDEA what my body may look like at week 20.  Sounds like an intelligent plan, right?  No.  Not at all.  I acknowledge this.  After a couple of weeks of searching, I kept coming back to this suit, but was so reluctant because of the price.  Is it worth it to spend this much money on something that may not even fit me a month from now?  Eventually, I decided it was and that I would get a cheap suit in August if needed.  Maybe not the most frugal decision, but, sheesh, I'm going to be very large...throw me a fashionable bone.  And, as I explained it to my conscience my husband, I can't be expected to predict the future of my pregnant body, I'll wear it next summer as I try to lose the baby weight and who makes it a whole summer with only one bathing suit anyway?  It's just not hygienic.  

So, this is what I will be wearing for at least the next four weeks and hopefully the next 8...

^^^but in navy

So, my review...
I LOVE it.  It's very chic for a one piece and the blouson is so flattering on my short waisted frame.  The strap hits a great spot on my shoulder.  If it were any closer, it'd make my shoulders look broad.  Instead, it accentuates my collar bone and makes my upper body look thin.  I was worried about where the blouson portion would hit and if it would just cut into my little bump instead of hiding it, but it hits just under it.  My ONLY complaint is that you can't take a picture facing the wind because it blows the blousy part back against your stomach and completely defeats the purpose.  And, the tan lines stink, but I guess they would with any one piece that has straps.

Overall, I still felt cute, which caught me by surprise when it first came in.  I thought maybe I'd feel like it was a second best option to a bikini.  But, honestly, I think I like myself better newly pregnant in this suit than a bikini not pregnant.  It feels sophisticated, yet trendy and youthful.

I would highly recommend this suit for anyone who wants a fashion forward alternative to a two piece or hip hugging one piece.

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  1. I'm glad you found a good suit! I totally agree with you that the price is worth it! I don't like spending a lot of money on things but sometimes I have to. This year i ordered a suit from VS. It was super cute and I loved it on the model and it had all of the things that I thought would be key for supporting a large bust... Well I was wrong! The bathing suit to boob ratio was awful! So I had to take it back and spent tons of time searching for a cute chic bathing suit for a larger bust. All of the "plus" size boob bathing suits were just awful! But I found a really cute one on a website from the UK! The suit was over $100 like yours, but it's an investment piece in my opinion( my fiance is totally understanding about this, which is great) and they offered free two day shipping to the US :) Being thin all my life, I never thought I would hate bathing suit shopping, but it really was a struggle this year!